Top Tourism Attractions in Singapore

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There is so much that you can do while on vacation in Singapore. This Island country is a shopping paradise for the Ardent. All international designer labels acclaim to have a store in Singapore and most of them are distributed evenly along the orchard road. The biggest store is at Louis Vitton in Southeastern Asia, Ion. It makes a lot of sense to shop for your designer labels is Singapore because the prevailing exchange rate tends to make them cheaper. There are many places worth seeing and many things worth doing in Singapore.

Amusement and Endless Fun at the Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a magical Island that promises to be a visual treat. It is a spectacle 20-minute show with musical fountains that create a pyrotechnic extravaganza. This show will enthrall visitors with fire jets that get to a height of 12 meters while dancing in synchrony with water geysers that are 10-meters high.  However, the highlight of this show is the screen that comes from cascading water in which the performers interacts with animated characters.

The other interactive simulation is Cinemania that is full of surprises and excitement.  The other thing that you should not miss when in Singapore is a ride on the Monorail. You will go on a trip around the island for 40 minutes. You can also soak in Singapore’s scenic beauty and capture it on the camera as the monorail traverses along the track.

The ext tourist icon of Singapore is Merlion that stands 37 meters tall while overlooking the harbor of Singapore. People who visit the Sentosa Island may climb this structure from inside and get the panoramic view of Singapore and the Sea.

Walk in Singapore with Nature

Singapore gives you an exclusive opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. The butterfly park has an extensive collection of butterflies in the marked region. You will be able to see more than 50 species of butterflies fluttering around. The park has close to 2500 butterfly in various sizes and colors. The part also has an insect museum that hosts several insects like the rhino-beetles, giant millipedes, and the tarantulas.

The biggest tropical oceanarium in the Southeastern part of Asia is the Underwater.  It has a broad range of marine life such as sea turtles and the tropical fish. You may also watch the dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon. The mammals are unmindful of who is watching them, and they will continue frolicking in the water.

The Jurong Bird Park hosts close to 600 bird species making it the largest part of this kind globally. You will see hornbills, flamingoes, penguins, and other exotic birds. It gives visitors an awesome experience of seeing feathered features in their full glory at close quarters. This park has a bird show in which birds set up an act together with their trainers. The scene is a must watch especially if you are coming along with your kids.

The other unique place is the zoological garden because of the fact that it is structured around. It does not have any fences or cages but only streams and rocks that will keep the animals at a safe distance. Therefore, this place has a natural wild feeling. The troops organize for wild safari trips so that you can observe animals, particularly the nocturnal creatures when it is dark.

You will also come across a collection of food stalls, religious monuments, and small shops that are hidden away amongst Singapore’s colorful ethnic quarters. You will be shocked with some of the beauty that simple things hold. Explore this place at leisure as you turn your holiday into a learning experience. You will get several insights about the historical heritage and vast culture of the county as you continue with your trip.

Michigan’s Fall Color Changes

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During fall color changes in Michigan, you will have to see the best colors of autumn in winter. The secret of seeing them is timing your train tour, drive, or walk to hit heights of fall colors. For peepers of leaf wanting to get the best from the fall foliage, try finding out where and when to visit Michigan during the fall.

Why do leaves change color?

Leaves change color due to a change in the ratio of pigments called anthocyanins, carotenoids, and chlorophyll. Production of these pigments is affected by a few factors. The main triggering factor for the process of changing color during the fall is diminishing daylight. Temperature, tree species, soil moisture, and rainfall can affect the production of pigments; therefore, the vibrancy and leaf color will get changed. For instance, red tones determined by anthocyanins production are colors that get affected most by conditions of weather.

When doe the fall peak in Michigan?

In general, fall foliage peak in Michigan ranges from mid-September towards the end of October. As expected, Upper Peninsula reaches its peak before any other parts of the state, even though there are a few exceptions. The area around metropolitan Detroit hosts so much color in October.

Resources of predicting the color

Many resources anticipate tone, just like an allergy or daily weather forecast, about when the leaves start changing colors in Michigan. They keep track of the progress of changing color at different locations in the state.

Align local and weather channels post current foliage conditions in the area. Michigan traveling sites display maps that predict color change peaks all over the state. Foliage network also provides reports about the Midwest to keep track of leaf drop and its colors.

Where can you see the best fall colors?

In the most of Michigan, including metro Detroit and Southeast, viewing the vibrant fall foliage requires nothing more than stepping out; however, if you want to get the best from the fall in Michigan, consider the option of touring.


DIY drives

The gold coast rates in Michigan are among the best when it comes to the travel and leisure magazine. Their route starts from the Traverse City. It meanders one hundred miles via the inspiration pint, sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore, and the Northport.

In the meantime, the channel of travelers recommends that Lake Superior Circle route found in the mid-west for the fall foliage. This route stretches not just through Michigan but also through Ontario, Canada, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

In case you desire to see the fall foliage close to Detroit, you can consider checking out true colors fall tour guide. You will get basic info about the leaves and trees during the fall.

Train Tours

Driving is the best way of seeing fall colors in Michigan but taking the train will give you enough time to observe and experience it by yourself.

The steam train in Michigan schedules trips for catching changes of color. The routes vary, and they may cover Yuma, Owosso, Mt. Pleasant, Lake George, Clair, Cadillac, Boyne, Petoskey, and Kalkaska.

The railroad of Southern Michigan offers a ride from Clinton and goes for forty-five minutes.

Holiday Destinations That Will Give You Value For Money

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Essaouira, Morocco

Do you love Morocco? Have you been to Marrakesh? In case you are on the lookout for another, the affordable side of this section of North Africa may be the right destination for you. A day trip from Marrakesh can be reached directly by flights of low costs from France and the UK. The narrow alleys of the city that are walled, the medina and hammans pile on sensory delight. The breeze allows for kite surfing and superb wind, as well as brace beach strolls. Characterful riads are not costly especially when travelling with a group or family. The best part is that the food is great even when on a low budget; particularly for the just landed seafood.

United Kingdom

While the United Kingdom Government is busy with Brexit, tourists can reap the rewards. The first result of the referendum in 2016 was the weakening of the pound against a lot of currencies. This is great news for people planning to travel to London, not a traditional paradise for adventurers. Aim for Devon so that you make the rate of exchange even harder. You can also get to big-bracket and Cornwall cities like Edinburgh, York, and Bath. Keep your eye on fluctuations of the currency, but the likeliest scenario is that UK is affordable for international visitors or at least the true picture of post-Brexit landscapes.

Hunan, China

The highlights of Hunan come fast and thick. At Zhangjiajie, the amazing sandstone canyon with two hundred and fifty bizarrely shaped feats, the longest glass bridge of the world opened in 2016. The other thing you cannot miss is Fenghuang, a historic town that hangs over Tuo River literally. In case you are not yet sold, the capital of Changsha has to be the home town of Mao Zedong. Being China, the costs can be extremely affordable: accommodation and budget meals are in the range of ten dollars, and slap up servings of Hunan Cuisine in the flashy Changsha costs more than double the basic cost.

Baja California, Mexico

This is the world’s second longest peninsula and for many, visiting this place means a hop on the border into Tecate or Tijuana, which means there is one thousand two hundred kilometers of territory that is less explored. The truth is that the prices can be higher than other mexico parts due to the remoteness of Baja. However, if you are coming from United States, you will save money by traveling here. Towards the north, the wine route through Valle de Guadalupe is similar but cheaper. Towns like Loreto, Todos Santos, La Paz, Mulege, and San Ignacio are fully Mexican and feature accommodation of great value.

Jacksonville, USA

Jax, as called by the locals, has not drawn international praise like complementary destinations in Florida despite having thirty-five kilometers of beaches, live music, art, and surfing. You will also find long stretches of St. Johns River, the America’s largest park system and Intracoastal Waterway to explore by bike, or on foot, and on a guided Kayak Tour. The beachside cafes and barbecue joints offer great value for money and dining that is family-friendly, while the pint of beer at eight local breweries can be very affordable. Not only is this city very affordable, but you felt like you are somewhat new. This state offers the lowers rates in town.

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica boasts of 19,652 square miles of pure beauty making it a perfect vacation destination for nature lovers. It has eight biological reserves, twenty natural parks, and protected areas. Close to 25 percent of the land in this country is protected. This area is more than any other country that you will find globally. There is no way Costa Rica will disappoint you whether you love land or air activities, enjoy the water, or a little of each of them.

The Water Activities of Costa Rica

The Costa Rica area overlaps Central America and has coastlines on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with both white and black sand beaches that sunbathers enjoy. You can pursue more active water activities on your Costa Rica vacation like windsurfing, kayaking, parasailing, surfing, deep sea diving, and snorkeling.

Close to 300 miles offshore of the Puntarenas is the Coco island where deep sea divers and snorkelers can view colorful coral reefs, white finned shark, whale shark, and an abundance of several marine life.  The Pacific coast of Marino Ballena National Park, Hermosa, and Esterillos are particularly popular with surfers and swimmers prefer the La Punta. Puntarenas Estuary is an excellent place for bird watching, water skiing, and also touring the mangrove swamps by the boat.

Air Activities

You cannot have a complete trip to Costa Rica without taking a tour of the canopy. You can take an aerial tram close to 100 feet above the floor of the forest and have a view of vine snakes, tree frogs, the three-toed sloth and hundreds of bird species. You can also travel tree-to-tree through the zip lines and have a face-to-face experience of the canopy. Monteverde is renowned for the beautiful canopy tours that characterize it. One of the tourist companies has a tree-top hotel room within the canopy for anyone who wants to experience the jungle at night. Don’t forget to try the Superman cable that is at the Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park. The zip line is 3280 feet long and allows tourists to zoom over the canopy at an average speed of 55 miles per hour.

Those who are super adventurous may try the 200-foot free-fall bungee jump that is at the old Colorado River Bridge.  It is believed that this jump has exemptional scenic views. You will find hot air balloon tours at the San Carlos which is approximately 20 miles East of the Arenal.

Land Activities

Corcovado National Park houses big cats, tapir, and all the four monkey species of Costa Rica like the Central American Squirrel Monkey, Geoffroy’s Spider, Mantled Howler, and the White-headed Capuchin monkey. The area is renowned for its abundance in wildlife. You can be sure of seeing most of these animals as you hike the mountainous trails.  You will also see over 800 bird species, more than 100 mammal species, 2000 plant species such as orchids as you climb up the mountains and hike the mountain trails. Besides, you may go for spelunking in the caves at the horseback or Venado riding or watching birds as several protected areas of Costa Rica.

You cannot think about boredom when you get a trip to Costa Rica. There is so much you can do and see, and you will begin to wish that you could stay longer. Maybe, the only option you will have is starting to plan for your next trip to this beautiful tropical paradise before you even board your plane back home.

Great Town to Visit for Holidays

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  1. Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The season of holidays coincides with the beginning of the high season in the northwest town of Florid, which ranked well for family getaways, beach vacations, and boutiques. Therefore, it is a good place to browse great gifts from heirloom-quality porcelain found at Santa Rosa Pottery to pre-World War I recipe books at the Kitchen Garden Books and Antiques. People that do not desire putting on holiday pounds may have to consider the forty-mile winter run that begins from Santa Rosa near Christmas day and goes along lakes, beaches, and state forests. You can also access shorter versions and relays. This town also boasts of an all-year round running weather.

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC

Early winter and late fall are great times to score lower rates in this town that is family-friendly, but that is not to mean that the place has now become fully quiet. Showstoppers near Myrtle beach include the 5,500 lit candles and twinkling Christmas trees at Brookgreen Gardens and the festival of trees with themes for all fifty states found at the Ripley’s Aquarium. Readers had the weakness for the barbecue in the classic boardwalk beach town. It is possible to stay true to this season by placing an order for barbecued turkey at waterscapes in Marina Inn at the Grand Dunes, where the bird is slathered with mustard accented style sauce of South Carolina.

  1. Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg is rich in history, where the tri-cornered hats count as one of timeless fashion, which scored highly for a colorful people-watching. At this time of the year, there are so many events that allow you to experience a holiday like the way colonists would. You will watch as turkey is roasted and pudding get prepared, and see the way settlers have observed Christmas, which include long gone English traditions like the anti-Santa known as the Lord of Misrule. The favorite meal for readers around here was brunch. According to align local, you can try out biscuits and Virginia ham, with a special rebel cocktail that consist of spices, beer, and tomato juice at Old Chickahominy House.

  1. Newport, RI

If the flashing neon-colored holiday is making you cringe, get to this town in the Rhode Island, where only bright white lights are encouraged in restaurants and homes to conjure the antediluvian candle-lit vibe. Touching on the upper-crust history, mansions of the Newport tour take you on a stroll via the gilded age icons like the Elms, The Breakers, fine China, and decorations. Because the crowds are quite light, it is time to give the Newport high ranking restaurants a try like the sourced Tallulah on Thames. On all Sundays during winter, it provides a three course dinner for families.

  1. Annapolis, MD

This is a military town along the bay of Chesapeake with so much circumstance, pomp, and tailgating in the holiday season. It ranked well for the drive-through lights at the sandy point state park bay, which starts in the middle of November. It also keeps shops open and lit through midnight on Thursdays in December. To celebrate with military locals, it is possible to hear the Handel’s messiah being performed at the Naval academy chapel by Naval Academy Glee Club. You can also choose to sit until the military bowl coming in December at the memorial stadium. Locals are great fans for sports.