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Get the Most Out of Your Puerto Vallarta Vocation with These 7 Tips

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin (0)

Most of the people who visit Puerto Vallarta realize that this destination is different from other cities in the country. The difference results from the culture, food, geography as well as the people who live in there. As one of the three most popular destination, Puerto Vallarta has unique and amazing sceneries that make it unparalleled with other destinations. Any person who has visited Mexico will agree to the fact that Puerto Vallarta is a place to visit over and over again without getting enough of it. If you’re looking to travel to Puerto Vallarta, use these savvy tips to get the most out of your vocation.

Cruising into the Future

On the Puerto Magico, there’s the construction of a complex that will turn Terminal One into a customer experience-based port. The new terminal will be open to both cruise and public passengers upon completion. Experience what the future of Puerto Vallarta will be like by making it your next travel destination.

Food Electricity

According to the award-winning chef Mikel Alonso, enjoyment of food stimulates an electric charge in the brain that produces “drugs of happiness.” Visitor to Puerto Vallarta always enjoy the creative dishes made with the freshest ingredients. In Puerto Vallarta, you don’t think of what to eat but what not to eat because the cuisine is not only yummy but also diverse.

Garden of Delight

Puerto Vallarta has plenty of special travel interests. Get time to visit the Botanical gardens to spot yellow-winged caciques, golden-cheeked woodpeckers and about 200 other unique species. Some of the gardens include Cypress, Bursara, Orchids, and many more. There are plenty of activities to enjoy such as motorcycling, hiking, trekking, horseback riding, zip line and more.

Puerto Vallarta Weather

What’s the weather like? This is one obvious question to think of when choosing a travel destination. You want to ensure you spend your hard-earned money for more even well-deserved vacation. Puerto Vallarta has over 300 days of sweet sunshine. Actually, the weather in Puerto Vallarta is much more like that of Hawaii.

The Nightlife

While many people enjoy the stunning beauty of the town’s amazing vistas, it’s a real treat to experience the beauty of the Pacific after the sun goes down. The nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is a combination of the Mexican and cosmopolitan culture. Puerto Vallarta offers great nightlife activities for the visitors. From a dinner show to a romantic toast, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal place to visit.

Smiling and Speaking English

Puerto Vallarta is not only just a tourist hub. The welcoming nature of people is Puerto Vallarta is of its kind. People in this place actually ‘smile in your face.’ Visitors always have the peace of mind and relax as they meet people who are able to communicate with them in English.

Marietas Island

A visit to Puerto Vallarta will not be complete without touring the Marietas Island. There are different water sports to enjoy in this island. Whether you want to snorkel, dive or swim in the clear waters surrounded by volcanic formations, Puerto Vallarta is the place for you.