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Michigan’s Fall Color Changes

Posted on 31 October 2018 by admin (0)

During fall color changes in Michigan, you will have to see the best colors of autumn in winter. The secret of seeing them is timing your train tour, drive, or walk to hit heights of fall colors. For peepers of leaf wanting to get the best from the fall foliage, try finding out where and when to visit Michigan during the fall.

Why do leaves change color?

Leaves change color due to a change in the ratio of pigments called anthocyanins, carotenoids, and chlorophyll. Production of these pigments is affected by a few factors. The main triggering factor for the process of changing color during the fall is diminishing daylight. Temperature, tree species, soil moisture, and rainfall can affect the production of pigments; therefore, the vibrancy and leaf color will get changed. For instance, red tones determined by anthocyanins production are colors that get affected most by conditions of weather.

When doe the fall peak in Michigan?

In general, fall foliage peak in Michigan ranges from mid-September towards the end of October. As expected, Upper Peninsula reaches its peak before any other parts of the state, even though there are a few exceptions. The area around metropolitan Detroit hosts so much color in October.

Resources of predicting the color

Many resources anticipate tone, just like an allergy or daily weather forecast, about when the leaves start changing colors in Michigan. They keep track of the progress of changing color at different locations in the state.

Align local and weather channels post current foliage conditions in the area. Michigan traveling sites display maps that predict color change peaks all over the state. Foliage network also provides reports about the Midwest to keep track of leaf drop and its colors.

Where can you see the best fall colors?

In the most of Michigan, including metro Detroit and Southeast, viewing the vibrant fall foliage requires nothing more than stepping out; however, if you want to get the best from the fall in Michigan, consider the option of touring.


DIY drives

The gold coast rates in Michigan are among the best when it comes to the travel and leisure magazine. Their route starts from the Traverse City. It meanders one hundred miles via the inspiration pint, sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore, and the Northport.

In the meantime, the channel of travelers recommends that Lake Superior Circle route found in the mid-west for the fall foliage. This route stretches not just through Michigan but also through Ontario, Canada, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

In case you desire to see the fall foliage close to Detroit, you can consider checking out true colors fall tour guide. You will get basic info about the leaves and trees during the fall.

Train Tours

Driving is the best way of seeing fall colors in Michigan but taking the train will give you enough time to observe and experience it by yourself.

The steam train in Michigan schedules trips for catching changes of color. The routes vary, and they may cover Yuma, Owosso, Mt. Pleasant, Lake George, Clair, Cadillac, Boyne, Petoskey, and Kalkaska.

The railroad of Southern Michigan offers a ride from Clinton and goes for forty-five minutes.