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The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

Posted on 11 October 2018 by admin (0)

Costa Rica boasts of 19,652 square miles of pure beauty making it a perfect vacation destination for nature lovers. It has eight biological reserves, twenty natural parks, and protected areas. Close to 25 percent of the land in this country is protected. This area is more than any other country that you will find globally. There is no way Costa Rica will disappoint you whether you love land or air activities, enjoy the water, or a little of each of them.

The Water Activities of Costa Rica

The Costa Rica area overlaps Central America and has coastlines on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with both white and black sand beaches that sunbathers enjoy. You can pursue more active water activities on your Costa Rica vacation like windsurfing, kayaking, parasailing, surfing, deep sea diving, and snorkeling.

Close to 300 miles offshore of the Puntarenas is the Coco island where deep sea divers and snorkelers can view colorful coral reefs, white finned shark, whale shark, and an abundance of several marine life.  The Pacific coast of Marino Ballena National Park, Hermosa, and Esterillos are particularly popular with surfers and swimmers prefer the La Punta. Puntarenas Estuary is an excellent place for bird watching, water skiing, and also touring the mangrove swamps by the boat.

Air Activities

You cannot have a complete trip to Costa Rica without taking a tour of the canopy. You can take an aerial tram close to 100 feet above the floor of the forest and have a view of vine snakes, tree frogs, the three-toed sloth and hundreds of bird species. You can also travel tree-to-tree through the zip lines and have a face-to-face experience of the canopy. Monteverde is renowned for the beautiful canopy tours that characterize it. One of the tourist companies has a tree-top hotel room within the canopy for anyone who wants to experience the jungle at night. Don’t forget to try the Superman cable that is at the Turu Ba Ri Tropical Park. The zip line is 3280 feet long and allows tourists to zoom over the canopy at an average speed of 55 miles per hour.

Those who are super adventurous may try the 200-foot free-fall bungee jump that is at the old Colorado River Bridge.  It is believed that this jump has exemptional scenic views. You will find hot air balloon tours at the San Carlos which is approximately 20 miles East of the Arenal.

Land Activities

Corcovado National Park houses big cats, tapir, and all the four monkey species of Costa Rica like the Central American Squirrel Monkey, Geoffroy’s Spider, Mantled Howler, and the White-headed Capuchin monkey. The area is renowned for its abundance in wildlife. You can be sure of seeing most of these animals as you hike the mountainous trails.  You will also see over 800 bird species, more than 100 mammal species, 2000 plant species such as orchids as you climb up the mountains and hike the mountain trails. Besides, you may go for spelunking in the caves at the horseback or Venado riding or watching birds as several protected areas of Costa Rica.

You cannot think about boredom when you get a trip to Costa Rica. There is so much you can do and see, and you will begin to wish that you could stay longer. Maybe, the only option you will have is starting to plan for your next trip to this beautiful tropical paradise before you even board your plane back home.