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Top Tourism Attractions in Singapore

Posted on 15 April 2019 by admin (0)

There is so much that you can do while on vacation in Singapore. This Island country is a shopping paradise for the Ardent. All international designer labels acclaim to have a store in Singapore and most of them are distributed evenly along the orchard road. The biggest store is at Louis Vitton in Southeastern Asia, Ion. It makes a lot of sense to shop for your designer labels is Singapore because the prevailing exchange rate tends to make them cheaper. There are many places worth seeing and many things worth doing in Singapore.

Amusement and Endless Fun at the Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a magical Island that promises to be a visual treat. It is a spectacle 20-minute show with musical fountains that create a pyrotechnic extravaganza. This show will enthrall visitors with fire jets that get to a height of 12 meters while dancing in synchrony with water geysers that are 10-meters high.  However, the highlight of this show is the screen that comes from cascading water in which the performers interacts with animated characters.

The other interactive simulation is Cinemania that is full of surprises and excitement.  The other thing that you should not miss when in Singapore is a ride on the Monorail. You will go on a trip around the island for 40 minutes. You can also soak in Singapore’s scenic beauty and capture it on the camera as the monorail traverses along the track.

The ext tourist icon of Singapore is Merlion that stands 37 meters tall while overlooking the harbor of Singapore. People who visit the Sentosa Island may climb this structure from inside and get the panoramic view of Singapore and the Sea.

Walk in Singapore with Nature

Singapore gives you an exclusive opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. The butterfly park has an extensive collection of butterflies in the marked region. You will be able to see more than 50 species of butterflies fluttering around. The park has close to 2500 butterfly in various sizes and colors. The part also has an insect museum that hosts several insects like the rhino-beetles, giant millipedes, and the tarantulas.

The biggest tropical oceanarium in the Southeastern part of Asia is the Underwater.  It has a broad range of marine life such as sea turtles and the tropical fish. You may also watch the dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon. The mammals are unmindful of who is watching them, and they will continue frolicking in the water.

The Jurong Bird Park hosts close to 600 bird species making it the largest part of this kind globally. You will see hornbills, flamingoes, penguins, and other exotic birds. It gives visitors an awesome experience of seeing feathered features in their full glory at close quarters. This park has a bird show in which birds set up an act together with their trainers. The scene is a must watch especially if you are coming along with your kids.

The other unique place is the zoological garden because of the fact that it is structured around. It does not have any fences or cages but only streams and rocks that will keep the animals at a safe distance. Therefore, this place has a natural wild feeling. The troops organize for wild safari trips so that you can observe animals, particularly the nocturnal creatures when it is dark.

You will also come across a collection of food stalls, religious monuments, and small shops that are hidden away amongst Singapore’s colorful ethnic quarters. You will be shocked with some of the beauty that simple things hold. Explore this place at leisure as you turn your holiday into a learning experience. You will get several insights about the historical heritage and vast culture of the county as you continue with your trip.